Retro Gaming Livingroom

Travel back in time, relive your childhood or you parent childhood ……. or your grandparents childhood, maybe not that far back (yet). At Mystic Games we have a retro gaming outfitted livingroom perfect for a nostalgic evening of gaming! Picture this, coming home from a hard day of labour and so much more housework to do! You fall into your sofa and start thinking about your childhood where after coming home from school your only worry was to choose which game you were going to finish that evening?!

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Retro Gaming Consoles

Sounds familiar? Say no more, we got you covered now! With an ever growing library of games and consoles you can now relive your childhood evening at Mystic Games. Ever wondered what you parents are talking about the good old days? Come find out and let yourself be guided to a blast into the past. Find out where Sonic and Mario started or how an arcade shooter at home all fits into a livingroom with point blank or Time Crisis, find out why 007 on Nintendo 64 was and still is 1 of the most popular first persoon shooter.

With over 10 consoles and still expanding you can pick and choose from a growing library of games, we have some of the most popular ones and are constantly looking to find more.

Bring some friends, the retro gaming livingroom has enough space for 3/4 players, with 3 TV’s available and multiplayer games at hand you wont be bored!

Whether you want to use this for a relaxing evening out, birthday party or just experience the good old days swing by our shop or contact us for more information and bookings!

Give us a phonecall on the oldschool landline 01993 772 304 or be all modern like and email us here

For more info about birthday parties and what we can offer check out this page!

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