Corporate Events & Teambuilding activities

Looking for out of the box event ideas that get people talking?

Corporate Events and/or Teambuilding experiences that will win everyone over. The kind of thing that’ll have everyone counting the sleeps until the big day? We’ve designed, planned many different ideas. From the good old Dungeon & Dragons experience, a super modern boardgames experience to painting miniatures workshops and much much more.

Not sure what you want?

Pick our brains for great team building event ideas. We can recommend activities or create a bespoke corporate event that includes everything from ice breakers to activities and entertainment.

We’re brilliant at bringing people together through shared activities, amazing experiences and fun team challenges! Contact us for more information, prizes and bookings.

Corporate Events

Our event space offers a large bright room with over 40 seats! Aircon, heating, padded seats and projectors all at your disposal!

Glorious Food!

Nothing brings people together like a good meal! With our inhouse chef creating the best burgers this town has to offer, you wont leave your event with hunger. With meat, chicken, halloumi or vegan options available there is plenty to choose from hot&spicy, or simply plain, we can taylor the menu to your dietary needs!

Fabulous Themed Corporate Events and Workshops

Dungeons & Dragons

Immerse yourself into the world of fantasy and role playing, let us guide you through a world of fire and ice, dragons, goblins, ghouls and much much more. Work as a team to defeat the evil lich queen or ride yourself into the horizon on a dinosaurs back! All decided by the roll of a dice!


A variety of the 40 most popular boardgames ever created at your disposal. Dont bother yourself with reading through a 40 page manual, let us do it for you as we guide players through the rules. From simply fast pased competitive games to immersive corporate adventures, there will be something for everyone!

Miniature Painting

Ever seen those little plastic models that look to realistic you swore it just moved and winked at you? Let us show you how to do it, you’d be suprised how easy it can be. Looking for a specific model you’d like to take home with you, let us know up front and we can get that ordered in! Why not make it competitive and after we showed you the ropes let us judge and pick the best looking model.

Tabletop Gaming

Warhammer 40K, Age of sigmar, Star wars and many more miniature wargaming games! You want to shoot your opponents off the board, capture the flag or conquer the map? This highly competitive strategy game might be something your looking for, with futuristic soldiers, a fantasy army or good old Star Wars models you can command your own army into victory!

That’s just for starters! Contact us for more corporate events ideas.

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